Friday, May 26, 2006

Exciting News: Teaching Classes at Stitch DC!

I'm so excited about teaching classes at Stitch DC! The Shapely Tank class will be especially fun--the only problem is that I need to finish mine ASAP!!! I've been dallying around knitting other projects so the front took me WAY longer than it should have.

Now I'm on a roll (and a mission), so the back will be done soon. I've also decided to do a three needle bind off on the shoulders so the seams are exposed. And I'll tone down the four-row garter stitch edges around the neck and armholes, too.

Check out the Stitch DC Web site for classes--they have some really fun ones coming up. And you can e-mail me if you want to know when I'm teaching.

Meanwhile, my mom is here from California, and my sister is coming from Seattle in a week. This will be the first time the three of us are together in one place in 15 years!!! I will take lots of pictures, and will post them here...

Well, must get back to the work that pays for my knitting. By the way, here's what I'm knitting:

1) Shapely Tank--this is an amazing pattern! I love it. And if you don't fiddle around with five projects at once, like I do, it's also a quick knit.
2) Kitty Kozy(a garter stitch square of Lion Brand Home Spun). I started making one for Hugs for Homeless Animals, but my cats took over. Since we have two cats, I'm making a second one. Then I can cast on for the little homeless Fur People.
3) Leigh Radford's Multi-Layered Tube Shawl from Alterknits--the one that, when you're done, you slide chiffon through so it hangs out the ends. This is a long term project, slow going, good for times when you need mindless knitting.
4) Leigh Radford's Two-Cable scarf from One Skein (nice, simple pattern that I'm going to adapt for a Christmas present for a family member to be named later)

Well, back to writing and, later, some time with my mom (I can't wait to take her to some yarn stores!) and my adorable husband. Here we are in Cape May, NJ:

And, hey, let's hear it: Yay for three-day weekends!


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