Friday, September 08, 2006

Grand Prix Knitting & Circle K Alpacas

The U.S. Formula One Grand Prix took place at the beginning of July this year. It was hot. I mean HOT. But I still managed to get lots of knitting done..(When we came back to D.C., of course, we realized once again (as we do every summer) what hot REALLY means.)

BTW: That yellow thing I'm wearing is a Colombian flag t-shirt I customized, in honor of Juan Pablo Montoya (now sadly departed to...ugh...NASCAR, thus breaking my F1-loving heart).

Anyway, yesterday, Chris, Karida, and I drove down into the depths of Virginia to check out Circle K Alpacas. If you look closely at the picture below, you can see their "guard llama" on alert in the background. She's been known to run BEARS off the pasture!

I'll never forget how cute the young males looked as they came running out of their barn when Barbara clapped her hands. What sweet animals! The barns even SMELLED sweet--like fresh-cut hay. Alpacas are so clean, fun, and good natured. What an idyllic life it seemed...Almost enough to make me want to move out of the city and buy a few acres...


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