Friday, June 01, 2007

My Broadcast News "Debut" ;-)

I usually put up a photo for eye-candy Friday. So don't get me wrong. I would never imply that I'm eye candy! But I was on the news regarding a VERY important issue...

NOTE: I DO wish that...
A) I'd had a chance to dress appropriately, put on make-up, and prepare myself
B) The camera angles were a little more flattering (that's my "bad side," where I have a small birthmark)

BUT, from an advocacy perspective--which is the real point of all this--Tom Fitzgerald's report got the message out! I feel so stongly about this topic, because people get sick or die from these mistakes quite often.

Click here to see me on last night's news :-)

Have a safe and happy weekend!



amanda j said...

Cool! Well done!

Jennifer said...

I am so proud of you! Not only did you return to CVS to stand your ground (and take care of yourself), but you were willing to publicly speak out for the greater good. Bravo!