Friday, March 14, 2008

Knit*Six: Back on Blogger!!! (Plus an LYS review of Eleganza Yarns)

Photo: Christopher Six

Hello! Welcome back to Knit*Six @ Blogspot :-)

If you have any questions about why I chose to come back to Blogger, please visit on my "old" Wordpress Blog. This change will also explain why my entries are out of order now: I transferred a few back from Wordpress (by hand) and didn't do it chronologically!

I don't know. Maybe I'm just getting older and less resilient, but Blogger seems more comfortable and easy somehow, and--importantly--faster! I love to write and share photos, but I don't want to spend half a day getting my blog entries "just so." So, here I am, this time to stay.

Now, on to the meat-and-potatoes...

LYS REVIEW: Eleganza Yarns, Frederick, MD

Located in "Shab Row," a funky, upcoming little neighborhood in this historic town, Eleganza is housed in a 19th Century building with more than a little charm. The low ceilings and upstairs-downstairs layout add a bohemian appeal, and make browsing feel more like a treasure hunt than usual. Plus, there's plenty of free parking, a coffeehouse one block away, and an outside patio where non-knitting companions can chill when the weather's nice ;-)

Since we moved to this part of the world, I've visited Eleganza three or four times. Every time, I've found the staff friendly and helpful--even the owner, who invited me to join her as she opened a delivery of new yarn that arrived while I, the only customer at the time, was nearby.

Eleganza's yarn selection is lovely, and includes: Jo Sharp, Debbie Bliss, tons of Ella Rae classic, Dale of Norway, Noro, and even some locally spun/dyed yarns. You'll also find plenty of needles and gadgets, and a slew of books to tempt you if you're looking for some inspiration.

They do offer classes, which range from beginner to advanced levels, focusing on socks, sweaters, designing, spinning, etc. Perhaps best of all are the Sunday Sojourns and (new) Thursday night knitting groups. I'll definitely be checking those out soon!

I heartily recommend stopping in at Eleganza, whether you need something specific, crave a yarn fix now, or just happen to be in the area.

NEXT UP: I'll review Y2Knit, located in Funkstown, MD (and owned by one of the authors of YNotKnit: Step-by-Step Instructions for Continental Knitting and Knitting Basics).

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend...Happy knitting!


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