Saturday, March 21, 2009

El Bandito

Having a little "photo shoot" with a seven-month-old, overgrown Kitten (with a capital K) in the room can

For instance, what do you think I said when this:

Note the head movement...

Turned into this:

El Bandito strikes again!

Well, I don't want to offend anyone, so I'll just let you imagine my "exclamation of surprise."

Don't get me wrong, though. Watching him stalk my knitting and/or yarn, and then snag it and take off running, is kind of funny...The spoiled little brat definitely has a sense of humor!


In other news, guess what I saw when I looked out my studio window? You have to look close, down by the soil...

See them? BUDS!!! Little green leaves! Holy crap, I think spring is coming! (If you can't see them, just click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Looking out in the other direction, you can see some daffodils getting ready to bloom near the fence and, next to "Mr. Volvo," a smattering of sunshine-yellow forsythia...Yay!

Spring is the season of inspiration for me. I keep hoping to feel as enthusiastic about fall and winter, but even after 20-something years on the East Coast, I must admit that I dislike them pretty intensely. I'll take the San Francisco-Bay Area's eternal spring/summer over frozen, dark, and damp any day!


And, finally, remember the before photo from my yarn reorganization? Well, here's the after photo I promised:

The result of my work: A nice, clean studio, with every piece of knitting well protected against the yarn-napping prowess of El Bandito.

Have a wonderful weekend's worth of knitting, spinning, crocheting, gardening, or whatever you love to do!


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Pam Tupper said...

I just saved the photo of your Kleptomaniac Kitty onto our computer as a screen saver. It was classic! So good! Loved it.
Lv, Pam xx