Monday, March 23, 2009

When the Fancy Strikes...

The other day I walked into my studio, coffee in hand, and suddenly realized I felt like knitting something small. Something quick. Something that might do good for a little one on the other side of the world. In other words, something for the Afghans for Afghans (current) campaign for kids.

So I grabbed some discontinued, worsted-weight alpaca/wool yarn that's been stuffed in the bottom of my stash for too long, and cast on some little socks. Working two at a time on one circular needle really made them fly.

In one day, they were done. And the whole time I made them, I kept thinking of the cute little toes that, someday, might wiggle in these socks, all nice and toasty.

The next day I cast on for a little kid's hat (to keep the other end warm). I'll make it big enough to grow with him or her, and keep the design unisex so it can easily be handed down from sister to brother (or vice versa).

Interested in helping out? Check out the Afghans for Afghans Web site for more information.

Otherwise, I've been cranking out a few washcloths/dishcloths during the evenings. After many loads of dishes in the Knit*Six Test Kitchen (ha!), I can honestly say I like the crocheted variety better. The texture is thick, strong, and scrubby.

Don't get me wrong: Knitted cloths are fine, too! And they often look nicer than the crocheted cloths -- at least the ones I turn out. To each his own, as they say.

Either way, though, there is something satisfying about working with soft, thick, bright cotton yarn (Peaches & Creme or Sugar & Cream), working mindlessly while you watch a favorite show (Entourage, anyone? It's my current favorite), and finishing a project in a few hours.

And then, you toss this brightly-colored, hand-knit or crocheted beauty into a sink of dirty dishes and soap it, scrub with it, wring it, throw it in the washer and dryer -- just use and abuse it. Because that's how it wants to be treated.

Yep, a rare occasion indeed. And, I think, a refreshing change from handling our usual delicate, gem-like, hand-knit lace shawls/scarves, socks, and sweaters.

Feels good, doesn't it?


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