Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tea, anyone?

Cheery Cherry Tea Cozy on 8-cup teapot

Oh, teapot cozies, how I love them! Quick to knit as a hat, but with ample opportunities for delightful camp- and quirkiness.

This is my favorite yet: The Cheery Cherry Tea Cozy (Ravelry link). Plump little cherries burst forth against their background of robin's egg blue, edged with chocolate brown. And the grassy green of the leaves is echoed by the vine-like, I-cord, drawstring closure. What fun!

I was inspired to design this little cozy almost two years ago, when we moved into our current home -- a little cottage in Western Maryland. The three big windows in the kitchen let in the afternoon sun, and provide excellent squirrel watching opportunities for the kitties (see top photo).

The pale aqua on the walls just cried out for bright red (my favorite kitchen color). And I've always loved cherry motifs. It was only a matter of time before these ideas took physical form -- and a matter of, well, more time before I charted and test knit the pattern.

The Cheery Cherry Tea Cozy is a quick knit -- you don't have to work the chart on the back. In fact, you could skip the intarsia altogether, and embroider the cherries, stems, and leaves in duplicate stitch. How you approach the colorwork is up to you. Remember, knitting is fun, right?

Cheery Cherry Tea Cozy on 4-cup teapot

I'll be finalizing this pattern over the weekend, and will post it for sale on Ravelry in the next few days. You can purchase it directly from me (

Just in time for that piping-hot, freshly brewed cup of relaxation we often crave during the holiday season. Or perhaps for gift-giving, for a very special person -- the kind you'd drink tea with while chatting about this and that.

Meanwhile, happy knitting and baking and shopping and merry-making and, well, you know...


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