Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I am in Sacramento, Calif. for several weeks, sans camera. When possible, I will try to post a photo or two along with my usual riveting posts.

Charley in the sun with tea cozy (c) Hannah Six 2010

Today, (since I lack access to new photos) I thought I'd (re)share a favorite photo of this furry little critter.

Charley was a holy terror growing up, but has always been good-natured about the chaos he causes. Now, at about one and a half years, he's grown quite large and is still a Mostly, though, he is very affectionate and sweet, snuggling close in bed and waking me with little kisses on my nose and eyelids.

Katja, our nine-year-old Persian, loves him (though she doesn't want us to know that); watching them play is great fun. I think he's saved her from becoming a cranky old lady.

While I'm traveling, my needles will stay busy. I am working on several new designs (a couple will have to remain secret for now). I'll have more information for you by the end of (northern-heisphere) summer.

Until then, make a cup of sweet, milky tea, grab a few cookies (or any other carb-laden treat of your choosing), sit back and enjoy the adorable, fuzzy, handsomeness we call "Chuck."



Bruce said...

How nice to see Charley again! He's quite a handsome fellow. And be assured--size clearly runs in the family. His two sisters who have remained with us are substantial also, as is their mother.

Thanks for posting the picture!

Happyone :-) said...

Charley is beautiful or should I say handsome. :-)

chappy said...

What a beautiful, huggable looking furry friend!