Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello, Friends...

I've had a little time on my hands lately (more on that to come), during which I haven't felt much like knitting (gasp!). When that happens, I tend to pull out my knitting books and spend hours poring over stitch dictionaries, my favorite pattern books, and, sometimes, my old sketchbooks. Which brings me, via a recent obsession with living in Paris, to my Villette Fingerless Gloves (Ravelry link).

Of all the designs I've done in the past year (more or less), this lacy little confection is one of my favorites. Everything came together perfectly. The stitch pattern, which I'd used for my Villette Socks, is feminine and pretty, and makes a sweet rippling wave effect at the top of the wrist. And the easy (no hem) picot cast-on I used sets it off very nicely, indeed.

Originally, I'd intended to repeat the picot edge on the bind off at the knuckles. (I often find picot edges on thumbs get in the way of what I'm doing, and I like to design garments I'd want to wear.) Once I'd bound off, however, the edging just didn't sit right. The lace pattern is intricate enough to speak for itself, so I ripped back and decided on neat little twisted ribs at the knuckles.

"Ils sont parfaits!," I thought. And I'm still as happy with the design today as I was when it was fresh off my needles. Now and then, things just seem to work out, don't they?

You can purchase the Villette Fingerless Gloves (and/or matching Villette Socks) pattern by contacting either (1) Shalimar Yarns or (2) Eleganza Yarns. Or you can write to

Should you buy a pattern and work up a pair, I'd love to see photos. And I hope you enjoy knitting -- and wearing -- them as much as I do :)

One last thing...

I've been absent from Ravelry, from my blog, and even from my LYS and knitting group/s for quite a while. So, lest you be overly concerned about my welfare, I want to assure you I'm OK.

For nearly a month, I've been suffering from an allergy/virus combo that's left me utterly exhausted, weak, and nauseous (great combo, huh?). So yucky, in fact, that I've hardly done any knitting at all :(

I have complete faith in my fabulous doctor, however, whom I'm seeing this week, so I'm sure I'll be back to my usual self soon. Until then...

Happy Knitting!


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