Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ribbed Tank -- My own design!

After all this time I finally succumbed to designing my own pattern... I was going to make SWTC's Bamboo Tank (it's a free-with-purchase pattern), but as I read through I found myself thinking:
"Why should I sew seams--this should be knit in the round!"
"Why does the designer want me to begin with a bulky hem? I don't need THAT around my hips!"
"Wow. That neckline, which looks so nice in the photo, is really just a straight bind off with no shaping at all. Hmmm..."

So little by little, after a few minutes of complaining about the pattern's silly instructions, I worked out my own version of a ribbed tank.

To start, I casted on XXX stitches (it's a secret, but more than 100) IN PATTERN, using the longtail cast on method (I taught myself the purl version...). My pattern is K3, P1, all the way around. After 4 inches of this I will switch to a smaller needle, instead of breaking up the ribbing with decreases for waist shaping. The neckline will be basically square, but with a very shallow V, which will give it a "sweetheart neckline" appearance (I hope!).

I am about 4 inches in, and I have to say it's not exciting knitting. But I'm using Rowan Calmer (in Khaki, a light, sagey green), so the nice feel of the yarn running through my fingers offsets the boring stretches of K3, P1 ribbing.

No photos right now, but I will post a picture soon. Wish me luck!


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