Friday, September 18, 2009

Lace Knitting Tutorial

Kristi (from Shalimar Yarns) and I put together a lace tutorial for her blog this week. She snapped some awesome pictures, and I helped craft some clear (we hope!) instructions for basic lace knitting.

Here's a sample (using Zoe Sock in Blue Raspberry):

K2tog tbl (an alternative to SSK): This is a left-leaning decrease. Insert your right needle tip into the first two stitches on the left needle from right to left (back to front)...

... and knit them together.

To read the rest of the Lace Tutorial, just head on over to Shalimar Yarns' blog. Enjoy!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kamille Socks: New pattern, new photos

Photo courtesy of Shalimar Yarns

Here's a photo of Kamille, which debuted at Sock Summit. This sock was knitted up in Shalimar's Zoe Sock, in the Damson colorway. Another, in Saffron, is being knit even as I type, so I'll have a new picture for you soon.

By the way, Kamille is spelled with a K because it's a Norwegian word, meaning Chamomile.

I also have some lovely new photos of my Villette socks:

Kristi from Shalimar Yarns modeled the sock, while I snapped pix using her wonderful camera (it makes every picture look good).

Here's a close-up of the heel flap detail.

Both patterns are available from Shalimar. For more information or to order, just e-mail

Happy knitting!


Friday, September 04, 2009

On my way home...

Hello, friends,

I've been away for a while, visiting family on the other side of the continent. Time goes so quickly when you spend it with those you love. It will be hard to say goodbye.


I also have the most wonderful husband in the Universe, and cannot wait to be back in his arms, to give him a big hug and kiss. Smooch.

So hold tight and be patient. I promise I'll return to my blogging soon -- and even have some brand new patterns to show you! (There's nothing like travel to clear your creative channels.)

Meanwhile: Happy knitting!

BTW: I was just reminded of this story -- about rescued chickens needing, and getting, sweaters -- please check it out. It's a beautiful thing.