Monday, January 17, 2011

A Thousand Pounds of Mmmmmm....

That's what it took to create this incredible sculpture, which was on display at the 95th Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show last week. This tableau was quite à propos, when you consider that the state ranks second nationally in butter production.

Sculptor Jim Victor, of Conshohocken (in Montgomery Co., just outside Philly), turned a half-ton of coulda-been-frosting into this gravity-defying wonder. The sculpture depicts a boy ready to throw a football to an NFL player (team unspecified) while a farmer hands out milk to three kids on a jungle gym.

Sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association and the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program, the sculpture was crafted from butter donated by Land O' Lakes in Carlisle, Pa. (in case you were wondering). The good news? All of the butter used will be converted into biofuel now that the Farm Show has ended.

Honestly, this was an amazing feat of engineering -- and definitely not something you see every day.

If you live within driving distance of Harrisburg, Pa., I highly recommend the farm show for a day of great food, cooking demos, sweet farm animals, and a ton of browsable vendor booths. (Yes, there were a few fiber-related booths.) That's more fun than most people are allowed to have in January...and it's extremely affordable!


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