Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hello, dear readers...

Over the past two years I often wondered if this post would ever happen. Much of the time it seemed unlikely, and yet here we are again.

Spring is coming -- sooner in some regions than others, but it IS coming. Sap is rising, days are longer, and the earliest crocuses are testing the air with the points of their fresh, green leaves.

Perhaps not-so-surprisingly, such stirrings aren't limited to Nature. Take "Spring Cleaning," for example, a phenomenon reflecting our desire to clear out the clutter of winter's nesting and start anew...

Well, fresh starts aren't limited to homes and gardens, are they? For me, the first month of 2013 brought some interesting dreams (Thank you, Denise, for helping me interpret them!), new ideas, buds of future plans, and a stirring of creative energy.

Where will all this lead? I'm not quite sure. But I hope you'll check back and join me on the journey.

PS. No cliches were harmed in the writing of this post ;)