Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Warm Toes = Happy Husband (knitting cozy socks)

My husband always knows when the temperature drops below 75...he's visited by my frigid little toes, wiggling their way under (or pressed against) his furnace-like legs. He generates heat. I don't. Really, that HAS to be a male/female thing, from my observations and eavesdroppings. Women seem to get cold hands and feet more often. Must be our warm hearts. spare him (and me) the shock of icy toes, I've been knitting some cozy socks to wear around the house. There are several requirements of a cozy house sock:
1) It must be soft and thick
2) It must be slouchy, not tight
3) It must be aesthetically pleasing, in one way or another
4) It must be dark colored, so as not to show floor grime after just one wearing
5) It must be warm (duh)

My first pair, pictured above, is knit in Sisik, from Dale Yarns (a tweedy, wool/mohair blend with a little bit of synthetic fiber). They're simple, just 48 stitches on US #2 double pointed needles (or did I use size 3?). I knit a 2 x 2 rib cuff, then switched to 3 x 1 ribbing for the rest of the sock. Nothing fancy, though I did use a heel stitch (slip 1, knit 1, purl back) on the heel flap. They're warm, fuzzy, slouchy, soft, and dark, in a pretty tweedy indigo color. I love them.

This week, I'm completing a second pair of cozy socks, knit from Karabella 8 in a rich eggplant color. I can't imagine a knitter being unfamiliar with Karabella 8, but for those few unconverted, it's a soft-as-can-be 100% Merino yarn that anyone could wear next to the skin without a single itch. I've been working these on two circular needles, though I did switch to just one circ (magic loop method) for the second's just easier for me. I don't like dangling needle ends.

I wanted these to be a bit shorter, more like ankle socks. So I did a 2 x 2 cuff, then worked a mini cable five times before starting the heel flap. Again, nothing fancy about the heel or toe.

The completed sock feels amazing...the yarn's natural cushiness and springiness were not lost in the knitting. They fit like a dream, hugging my feet like they're old friends.

And I really do like the length--though next time I might work only four pattern repeats before doing the heel flap.

Yesterday and today, we've had a great taste of "Indian Summer" in D.C. But it's supposed to be back in the 60s by tomorrow. The second pair should be done by then...

No more cold toes for Chris to warm. Now, that's got to be good for a marriage.


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