Monday, February 26, 2007

Thank God It (Was) Friday...

Here's a little belated eye-candy. I meant to post it last Friday (eye-candy Friday) but just couldn't get to it...

A few shots of my new Kromski Sonata to help raise my spirits :-)

Last week was a tough one--nothing catastrophic, but I feel like communications are mixed up and things that could go wrong have gone wrong. Which can be very physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. So I've been trying to "recover" over the weekend.

Lots of knitting, of course. I finished all of the swatches for Level 1 of the Master Hand Knitter program (MHK). I started last September, but have been working on lots of other projects instead of focusing on finishing the Level 1 requirements. I'm also nearing the end of the socks I'm making as a gift for someone whose name I will not mention. Photos will follow soon.

On Saturday, Karida and I went to A Tangled Skein--our new LYS, in Hyattsville, MD--where I bought some yarn for the MHK Level 1 hat I need to make. What a lovely store! And NICE people working there. Perhaps the nicest LYS experience I've had in the D.C. area! If you live nearby, you really should check it's not hard to get to, and is SO worth the trip.


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Karida said...

a tangled skein was awesome! that's what saturday is all about...hanging out, drinking coffee, and doing knitting stuff.