Saturday, February 03, 2007

THIS is Love...or "What I Knitted on Christmas Vacation"

Remember this? (Last week's Eye Candy Friday photo)...
If you didn't guess, it's Tom Baker's famous scarf from Doctor Who! Chris is a big fan of The Doctor, and asked me, one fine fall day, if I'd make him a copy of The Scarf. Being the adorable, wonderful husband he is, how could I refuse him? Plus, it meant I got to buy lots of yarn without the guilt (it wasn't for ME, after all). All good.

It HAD to be authentic, or what's the point? So we did some research and found, where you can read the history of the scarf favored by the fourth Doctor (for those familiar with the show -- if you're not, I can't really help, since I've never been that much into it myself), learn about its different iterations, AND find patterns for each one (every season featured a different scarf). You can also buy Doctor Who scarves there, but Chris wanted one knitted with my own little paws. And, of course, it has plenty of Maggie and Katja knitted in for good luck.

SO, I searched again to find just the right yarn at a good price, and finally settled on KnitPicks' Telemark. I have to say, here, that I really do love this yarn. It's a sportweight 100 percent wool yarn with a crisp feel -- not too itchy, just the right amount of wooliness. And the color range is fab.

When the package came, I dove excitedly into the project. Sixty stitches on US#6 needles. Lots of color changes. Lots of rows. All in garter stitch. ALLLLLL in garter stitch.... My God, what a long stretch of knitting that was! It actually took me about two-and-a-half months because: (A) I needed to take breaks from the tedium, and (B) I finished several other projects during the same period.

Don't get me wasn't unpleasant knitting. Sometimes it was boring, but it was the PERFECT project to work on while watching DVDs in the evenings. That scarf saw many, many Poirots, Rumpoles, Jeeves & Woosters, and other fantastic BBC productions.

For us, since we chose not to give Comcast any more money than absolutely necessary, Netflix has become a continual source of pleasure: Our own line-up of British television. Exquisitely funny (at times), beautifully filmed (mostly), bitterly sarcastic (which we both love). TV as ONLY the British can make it. I despair of US television programming, with only a few exceptions.

ANYWAYZZZ....Come January, the end was in sight. I had knitted about 13 feet of garter stitch. Working harder, knitting faster -- then, one night I wove in the final end. There were TONS of ends to weave in. While I finished the last few rows and final end weaving, Chris cut and organized the yarn for the fringe (honestly, has there ever been a better husband???), which I applied late that evening.

The next day, Friday, was the coldest day (so far) of the winter. Like a little boy on Christmas morning, Chris pulled out the vintage men's Harris Tweed coat I bought in college (for $5!!!) and wrestled with the scarf for a few minutes (hey, this thing is HEAVY). He donned his hat and the fingerless gloves I made for him last year. Ready for work, he paused for a few minutes so I could snap this:
Now, is he the cutest thing ever, or what???


Pattern: Season 12 Doctor Who Scarf from
Needles: US#6 Addi Turbo circular (24")
Yarn: KnitPicks Telemark in Burlap, Grey Wolf, Aubergine, Lichen, Chestnut, Bayberry, and Pesto (approx. 4 balls of each)
Final measurements: I was simply too exhausted to bother. But here's a visual aid (this is a double bed--the scarf is spread from the foot to the pillows and back again without any stretching at all):
Yep. This is love. And I LOVE it!


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Nancy said...

Wow fantastic scarf! I can't show my husband though, he'll want me to stop everything to make him one;)