Monday, March 05, 2007

Cold City, Warm Feet...and Barbara Albright's Final Book

I am not knitting for charity. I am not knitting for Peace (though we need it NOW).

I am knitting for SPRING. It will come. I believe.

Here's my expression of faith:
These socks cheer me up a bit, even though they are going to be a present for someone (I won't name names). The pattern is Simply Lovely Lace Socks from IK (Spring 2006). I'm using Koigu KPPPM in "Purple - P217" and Addi Turbo US#0 circular needles (magic loop, for purse-carrying convenience). I chose the picot edge instead of the 1x1 rib...the jury's still out on that. What do you think?

Last week I took the sock out to Dupont Circle to bask in the sun. Honestly, it was nearly HOT in the sun (I had a long-sleeved T-shirt and light fleece jacket on). God, it felt good. I was suddenly happy, filled with energy, bursting with a sense of wonderful possibility. Then the damn north wind started to blow.

So, we're back to cold temps and wind chills in the single digits, and even a chance of more snow. I know, most people living north of D.C.--and I used to be one!--think I'm being a weenie. But we moved here for a reason: Warmer Weather! Guess it's going to be time to head further south soon...

Meanwhile, though, we're all cold here. Including this little guy:

(He had a friend, but she flew away before I could snap the photo.) Oh, isn't he CUTE???

Yep. Spring is on the way. Time to go out to A Tangled Skein (our newest--and my new favorite--LYS!!!) again (with Karida!) and pick up some yarn for a pretty new project. I'm thinking of Tatami, but I'm...what's the word...voluptuous, curvy? You know. I wonder if it would look OK on me?

Thoughts? Suggestions?

PS. Has anyone seen The Natural Knitter, Barbara Albright's final work? Absolutely gorgeous. Exactly what you'd expect...and definitely on my short list!


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