Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Grand Prix Knitting

Today we're leaving for Indianapolis, home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, for the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix. So...what kind of knitting DOES one bring to a racetrack? Answer #1: Socks (2 pairs). I'm packing the Gentleman's Socks with Lozenge Pattern (which I'm making with the lovely Schaefer Anne yarn). These aren't a quick knit...The yarn is light fingering weight, and my brain is having a hard time grasping the pattern. Don't ask me why.

So, for mindless pleasure, I'm also packing the plain old stockinette pair I cast on this week, using Online (summer colors, wool/cotton/nylon). Not my typical yarn choice, but the colors are pretty, aren't they?

And--ta da!--my "major" project (though also somewhat mindless): The Chevron Scarf.

After much debating and playing with my stash, I've decided upon the Cherry Blossom yarn I bought from Sundara (love it...that chocolate color is so rich against the peachy pink) and the brown/charcoal Koigu I've been messing around with for a year. Funny: Last year at Indy I was working on Jaywalkers with it! But I ripped them out. Must have been Bad Yarn Karma (BYK).

We're off this afternoon..."leavin' on a jet plane," for 6 days in Indy and the best freakin' steak dinner in the WORLD at St. Elmo's Steakhouse. Their shrimp cocktail (shrimp in Indianapolis???) is TO DIE FOR. Honestly! And, of course, the lyrical rumble and whine of Formula One engines, the smell of oil and tires in the sun, and--hopefully--a podium that doesn't include Raikonnen or Hamilton ;-) Oh, Juan Pablo Montoya...Why did you leave F1? I'll miss you this weekend. Sigh.

Oh, by the way, here's a little something I whipped up one evening...It's a felted iPod holder, with room for the earbuds and cord. The closure is a crocheted flower "button" with I-cord loop. It's very water resistant, and strong enough to protect my Pod in the black hole of my purse. I'll post the pattern if anyone's interested.

Have a happy weekend everyone! I'll post some pix when I get back. A bientot!


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inthemeadow said...

Hi there! I just recently began seriously knitting and made my own little ipod holder. It's pretty simple. I like the button and chord you used. I made a flap instead. Could you post the pattern like you said you would? I checked the date on this and realize it's been some time.. hahah. I might be able to figure it out myself, but what I'm really wondering is if you know of any way to make something like what you did with that crocheted flower by knitting? I'm pretty inventive so I might be able to come up with something myself, but it would certainly be easier if I had something to go off from straight away. I love that, though, the little flower and cord thing.
Very nicely done...