Monday, October 22, 2007

Vacation Brain (or: How I lost my USB camera cord)

Guess what? I was so excited about posting photos of our Cape May trip, complete with a mini-film of our rather "swell" (pun intended) ferry crossing.

I also have lovely photos of yarn, knitting, and a bag filled with eight luscious ounces of Federico's True Black Alpaca fleece...Mmmmmmmm...Ahhhhh...

BUT: When dropping off our rental car I managed to leave my camera case in the glove compartment (Hey, it was dark & the case is black!). My camera, thank God, was in its Camera Sock in my purse.

BUT: The camera's USB cord was tucked in the case. Which now seems to be permanently missing.

It was an expensive case. And the car has already been rented out again. Enterprise said they'd put a note in the system to check for it when the car is returned, so I'm holding out hope. (I tend to be cynical about people in situations like this, even though I'd be wracked with guilt for life if I took someone else's property. Go figure.)

So...we'll buy a new cord in a day or two and then I'll be back in business.

Until then, imagine golden sunsets over calm water, rich shades of Dale of Norway and Noro yarns, Alpacas frolicking in an idyllic pasture...

It was hard to come home.



Jennifer said...

How frustrating! I'm glad you camera wasn't in the case.

bobbi said...

i'll cross my fingers and hope you get your cable back.
there are many honest, nice people in this world, lets hope your cable falls into the hands of one of them.
sounds like you had a nice trip over and above your lost usb cord

Denise said...

Hi there,
I just started knitting your bon bon socks, but wanted to let you know I think the cable pattern is wrong? it says knit rows 2,3 and 4. After doing this for 12 rows I've noticed I'm not getting the cable look like you have, and after studying your pictures, I think I'm supposed to be doing k2,p2 on those rows so as to get the purl columns inbetween the cable? Is this right? I love your socks and the yarn used, which is what I'm using, so I'm gonna pull out those rows and start over. Just thought I would let you know as you mentioned in the pattern that there may be some errors!
Thanks for sharing, and I'll let you know how they turn out.