Monday, July 07, 2008

Handspun Yarn Porn & Arts in the Park

Today, I have some handspun yarn porn for you...

Here's the plied version of Ply Me! -- now known as Fallen Petals. When all was said and done, I ended up with 400+ yards of a light fingering weight...

After plying, I dunked the yarn in hot water, then in cold water; ran in through the salad spinner; and hung the skeins out on the laundry line to dry.

Since the yarn was not blocked, the finished product is lovely and springy, with plenty of elasticity.

In other news, Chris and I had fun at "Arts in the Park" (connected to my little town's new farmer's market) yesterday. Not too many people, but it's early in the season yet. When more produce is available, I think we'll have more customers.

(What's in that box on the left? A load of really good knitting books I am selling,
since I hardly ever knit from other people's patterns anymore. Anyone interested?)

What I did sell: The striped purse (hanging in front of the table), a pair of earrings, and these red mitts, which I designed this past winter...

Plus, I got an order for several more pair of the mitts (sorry about the photo quality here -- my camera hates red!) from the customer who bought them :-)


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