Friday, August 01, 2008

Indigo Lace Ribbons: UFO #1

Oh, beautiful Lace Ribbons, flowing like a summer stream over my needles! Yes, the very same needles that I bought especially for you just a few days after I casted on. All this love, and yet you're not flourishing. "How can this be?" I ask myself...

Too many projects, says my critical mind.

I'm spending so much time designing my own patterns that I don't have time to knit other items, says my rationalizing mind.

Oh, I'm too tired to focus on a lace chart, and way too tired to memorize this 12-row repeat, says my woe-is-me mind.

The truth? All of the above, I guess.

But this isn't just an ordinary FO to me. It's a project I really, really want to finish so I can wear it. The Malabrigo Lace yarn is soft as a kiss, shimmering with tones of azure, amethyst, and indigo. And it's not a boring knit, by any stretch of the imagination--it's even kinda fun. Just slow going, unless I'm feeling particularly sharp.

In fact, I see a finished "Lace Ribbons" scarf in my not-so-distant future...Maybe by October? It would make wonderful vacation knitting, and we're planning a week away in September. So, in the end, this little beauty is probably my "FO Most Likely To Be Finished" (FO-MLTBF). Someday, it will be blocked and ready to wear.

And when that day comes, you, my friends, will be the first to know.


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