Monday, March 09, 2009


Progress on the Groundhog Day Scarf

The daffodils and crocuses (croci?) are poking their little heads up now, which warms my summer-loving heart. I even saw some cute little wild violets along the highway today. A sure sign that this cold winter really won't last forever.

The other day I had to pack up my "loose stash" into some plastic crates, because a certain someone has taken to rooting around in bags, baggies, and even my purse, in search of yarn and/or knitting.

Once he gets his little teeth on it, off he shoots, like a bullet, with yarn or project streaming behind him. Bastardo! I yell, and run after him, so he won't swallow any and mess up his little insides.


Packing up showed me two things: (1) My stash is bigger than I thought...though with many single skeins, and (2) my studio had become a real disaster over the course of the winter. So it felt good to organize (to the extent that tossing yarn in one bin and fiber in another can be called "organizing").

In the midst of all this, I heard a rustling behind me. Out of habit, I ignored it. But when it continued and began shaking the door, I turned around to see what mayhem He was cooking up. Not behind the door, not under a chair, not in one of the bins, not in the kitchen...Where was he? Then I saw him...Here:

Charley, just hangin' around

To be honest, the little bugger can be really annoying. For example, when he feels he's not getting enough attention, he swipes objects off any and all flat surfaces onto the floor (remote controls, glasses full of water, library books...).

But most of the time he does silly stuff like this, making me laugh out loud (which is good for you, you know). And that's totally worth the occasional -- well, OK, continual -- naughtiness!

PS. Did you notice I studiously avoided any "cat out of the bag" references?



Julie said...

I see that Fiestaware in the first photo. Love me some Fiestaware, glad to find a fellow fan. (Too many F's in that sentence...)

And as for the cat. Um. HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! That's all I can come up with. That's an evil little bugger. Hilarious, yet evil. Look out, he may yet cause a heart attack.

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