Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Craic: New socks for spring

Craic, pronounced “crack,” is a Gaelic word that roughly translates to “great fun,” as in: “Knitting these socks is great craic.”

I designed these Celtic-spring-inspired socks for Three Irish Girls, using Kells Sport, a densely-spun, 100-percent superwash Merino with a plump structure that makes cables pop. And as you knit, Kells works up into a wonderfully soft and squeezable fabric - I could hardly keep my hands off these socks!

Craic's pattern begins at the cuff, where pattern-specific ribbing flows effortlessly into ripples and twintings of deeply-textured cables. At the ankle, one panel splits, following the instep stitches to the toe.

Then there's my favorite part: The large cable panel on the back of the sock continues all the way down the heel flap, making these socks a perfect match for cute clogs and other slip-on shoes...

Full charts are included in the pattern, so you'll always be able to see where you are and what comes next. I've also added instructions for the various stitch patterns - so, even if you're a novice cable-knitter, you'll be able to knit these impressive-looking socks. (And I'm always happy to answer your questions!)

While Craic was first released to the Sock Yarnista Club, the pattern is now available for anyone to purchase via PDF download from the Three Irish Girls Web site. Just click here for more information - after all, what sock knitter doesn't enjoy a little craic from time to time?

Click here to see Craic Socks on Ravelry!

(Note: The above photos of Craic Socks were provided by Three Irish Girls.)



Three said...

I seriously love these socks. You're right when you say they're squishy - lovelovelove. :)

Thank you for the great design!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very nice! Now to actually knit them....that's where I'm stuck!

Suzyn said...

Now THAT'S how celtic knots should be -- in high relief! Lovely.