Monday, July 27, 2009

Villette Fingerless Gloves: A new pattern (Also: A Noro Vienna Shrug)

My newest pattern--well, actually, a couple of new patterns--will debut at Sock Summit, at the Shalimar Yarns booth: The Villette Fingerless Gloves are today's pattern-of-the-day...

Sweet and just a bit nostalgic, these little gloves are just the right weight for autumn and spring. They're also the perfect size to wear in a chilly office (I've worked in places where the A/C was so cold I couldn't even type!) or in a drafty, older home. The Villette Fingerless Gloves were a natural extension of my Villette Socks pattern (which will also be available at Sock Summit).

The gloves begin with a knotted picot cast on, which incorporates a "nupp-like" stitch, then flow into the simple-yet-effortlessly-lovely Villette Lace. Yarn-over increases shape the thumb gusset, mirroring the openwork pattern. The result is a delicate floral scallop at the wrist, and a stretchy lace fabric that moves with your hand.

Charley says: These Villette Fingerless Gloves are the cat's meow!

Certainly, you could do a picot bind off, too, but I chose instead to use a pretty twisted rib, which won't get in the way of busy fingers. You can customize the Villette Fingerless Gloves so easily: make the arms longer, incorporate beads into the cast on edge...these possibilities are just part of the pattern's charm.

To see the Villette gloves--as well as my other sock-yarn-based patterns--head on over to the Shalimar Yarns booth at Sock Summit.

A Silk Garden shrug, Vienna-style
You remember Vienna, right? Here's a little reminder, modeled by the lovely Kristi...

On the past two Sundays, I've led a workshop (one of Eleganza Yarns' Sunday Sojourns) based on my Vienna Shrug pattern. Kristi loves this lacy little piece of knitting (which I made sure to offer in a wide range of sizes!), and writes on her blog:
This is possibly the most perfect shrug...Totally customizable for any season, the Vienna Shrug is a great entrée into lace knitting, picking up stitches, provisional cast on, and seaming. Besides being lovely, the Vienna Shrug doesn't use much yarn...

Customize the Vienna Shrug by increasing the ribbing to cover more ribcage and produce a lovely foldover collar. Currently a three-season shrug, the ribbing on the three-quarter length sleeves can be extended to the wrist, making a wonderfully cozy garment for chilly midwinter days.

Having already knit a sample in the luscious Damson color (above), I decided to see what magic would result from combining Noro Silk Garden with this simple side-to-side garment. Here's a peek at my project, which I hope to finish in time for my trip to Sacramento later this month:

I do think it's going to be a very pretty little sweater. Not that I'll need one in the 100+ degree weather with which Sac is blessed this time of year. But airplanes and restaurants are always chilly, so I think I'll be glad of a silky little shoulder warmer.

Coming up, I have a new sock pattern to show you, named Kamille (Norwegian for Chamomile). It's chock-a-block with twisted stitches that loop their way from tip to toe. And it's ready just in time for Sock Summit!

I'll also have a bit of yarn porn for you. We all love looking at other people's stashes, right? So c'mon back and check it out later this week. Till then: Happy knitting!

Do plan to spend some time at the Shalimar booth if you're heading to the big gathering in Portland, Oreg. Kristi and Paul will have a slew of gorgeous yarn, some sock-needle-sized "Needle Bangles" (stitch markers, mady by moi, for this special occasion), and other great items.

Not going to Sock Summit? (Neither am I, sadly...) That's OK! You can also purchase my patterns directly from Shalimar Yarns at:


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