Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kamille Socks: New pattern, new photos

Photo courtesy of Shalimar Yarns

Here's a photo of Kamille, which debuted at Sock Summit. This sock was knitted up in Shalimar's Zoe Sock, in the Damson colorway. Another, in Saffron, is being knit even as I type, so I'll have a new picture for you soon.

By the way, Kamille is spelled with a K because it's a Norwegian word, meaning Chamomile.

I also have some lovely new photos of my Villette socks:

Kristi from Shalimar Yarns modeled the sock, while I snapped pix using her wonderful camera (it makes every picture look good).

Here's a close-up of the heel flap detail.

Both patterns are available from Shalimar. For more information or to order, just e-mail

Happy knitting!



bethanyg said...

These are gorgeous! Hope you are well~

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