Saturday, March 06, 2010


Many months ago, I came across one skein of this beautiful yarn, called Sock Hop, hand dyed by Dalis Davidson, owner and operator of Dancing Leaf Farm in Maryland. The colorway, I believe, is "Briar Patch." The day was cold and gray, and the yarn was soft, warm, and was love at first sight.

One-of-a-kind skeins -- even when the yardage is good -- can sometimes be a tough sell. For 20 minutes or so I squeezed and caressed the yarn, and went over my budget in my mind, to see what I could do gasoline? heat? (Not really.) Finally (surprise!) I caved in and bought the jewel-like skein, brought it home, and pondered its destiny.

Craving a basic, mindless pattern for movie watching and traveling, I opened up a Japanese stitch dictionary, and chose a semi-lacy design that wouldn't overpower, or be overpowered by, the yarn's bright, randomly changing colors. And what do you know...a silky little scarf gradually unfurled on my needles.

One of those projects you can carry around in your purse for spontaneous knitting opportunities, Bento is never mind-numbing. In fact, I am doing my own test knitting on this one (though slowly). After all, this skein called out to me, Siren-like. And, after a couple of months, I still find the shifting colors, like sunlight through stained glass, infinitely pleasing.

I am also enjoying this stitch pattern, which marries a few rows of stockinette and a rhythmic scattering of purl rows. The texture and tones of the yarn are front and center, while the occasional yarn-over row satisfies my desire for something a bit more complex than garter stitch.

Bento is a pattern for those single, wonderful skeins you come across now and then. A simple design, but effective, I think. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.


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Happyone :-) said...

Those colors are beautiful!!