Sunday, May 19, 2013

Poem #49: The Shallow End

The Shallow End

In shadow, the deep 
end was always colder 
than where the stairs,
in their ubiquitous aqua 
glory, first descended 
into the pool.

The Deep End.
Goal of every sun-tanned swimming child,
tantalizingly beyond reach
on the other side 
of a string 
of ovoid plastic pearls.

Terrifying, seemingly bottomless,
trophy of dreams, desires,
nightmarish feelings of
perceived helplessness,

ultimately achieved 
after a series of classes: 
education, practice, and 
heart-breaking warnings 
about the dangers of being 
drawn down 
into those alluring 
amethyst depths. 

Having survived the gauntlet,
Floating effortlessly 
atop the gentle heaving 
breast of our emergence, I 
looked back, to find you 
far behind me,

splashing, sputtering, afraid
to glide into and befriend
the delicious 
silence of the deep. 

How is it, then, in the 
end, watching me 
swim away?

(c) 2013, by Hannah Six


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