Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Poem 140: Cinnamon Day

Dear readers: 

My poetry will soon appear on its own (non-knitting) blog! After this week, I will post my daily poems at  http://hannahsix.blogspot.com/  

Please bookmark the new site now, so you can continue keeping me company on this crazy journey...

Thank you for reading! 



A slant of cinnamon sun,
A shiver of frost on the lawn,
The kind of day that calls 
For an apple-red jacket and
A brisk, windblown 
Country walk,
Or a New England college 
Football game,
Woodsmoke in the air,
Brown leaves crumbling 
Underfoot, icy, still nights 
Flecked with stars--
Shards of light 
pricking the dark--
And cider steaming on the stove
Ladled into handmade mugs,
Warming hands and home 
And air heavy with 
Heady scents of autumn--
Sun-warmed wool, damp earth 
And curbs lined with armies
Of dark bags full to bursting
With summer's leftovers.

(c) 2013, by Hannah Six


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