Sunday, September 10, 2006

Handspun & Formula One

First, my Formula One rant-of-the-day:

Fernando Alonso was right when he criticized F1's decision to penalize him in Monza this weekend. Obviously, with Schumi retiring, the Powers That Be decided he should go out in a blaze of glory. They tend to "see red" quite often. Alonso is in good company.

Two years ago, Juan Pablo Montoya (now soaking up the rays in Miami and getting ready for--sob!--NASCAR) was heading down the final stretch to the world championship.

But in one of the final races--the US Grand Prix at Indianapolis--he was handed a penalty that would end his hopes. The penalty was unfair, and unduly harsh. JPM fans were sick and angry. But Michael got his all-important 7th world championship, and that was what F1 deemed important. Sorry if I sound bitter, but injustice does that to me...

Now Michael Schumacher is retiring. We will miss his elegant driving, his eloquent post-race interviews, and his droll sense of humor. But now that the Great One (and he really IS great) is leaving, perhaps the rest of us will be able to enjoy F1 as a sport once again, instead of paying hundreds of dollars to see obviously-engineered "sports entertainment."

Now, on to the important stuff.


Two weeks ago, Karida and I dyed a batch of yarn and roving--it was Neighborhood Fiber Company's first batch. The yarns were striking, and the roving was utterly gorgeous:

I had to wait a couple of weeks before I could spin it, though, because of the horrific (to a knitter, anyway) finger injury. But yesterday I couldn't wait any longer. I predrafted and predrafted some more, and then I sat down to our Louet S10 (a great, intuitive wheel) and started spinning. There's some funky stuff going on on the bobbin, which I'll rewind today, but the wondrous colors slipping through my fingers were amazing:

Tender pinks and mauves, twilight blue, dusky violet, all wrapping around each other like the penny-candy sticks we used to buy as kids. Even unplied, the yarn glistens, it's glossy beauty tempting me: I want to EAT IT, like the perfect tiny petit fours it reminds me of...

Soon, this will be available for sale, through Neighborhood Fiber Company. Meanwhile, though, our hand-painted yarns are set for production...sleek sock yarn, puffy thick-and-thin, and an ever-so-soft mohair/wool blend. Coming soon to a store near you...


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