Friday, September 15, 2006

Shapely Tank. Shapely? Hmmm...

Shapely Tank, huh?

I finished this in July, and wore it twice.

I'm obviously uncomfortable having my photo taken, unlike some of the really gorgeous bloggers out there...

Anyway, the first time, it looked a bit big, but kind of OK. The second time, I had to wear a tank top UNDER my shapely tank...and NOT because I'm one of those people who has to layer everything (I think layering t-shirts and tanks is a bit "done," but that's just my opinion).

The Shapely Tank had morphed into The Unshapely Tunic!!!

Rowan's Luxury Cotton DK was only slightly different from the yarn the pattern called for, and my gauge was right on target. I know because I checked it obsessively from bottom to top.

My stitches were even, lined up like little soldiers. The short rows were perfect. And I am the queen of compulsive finishing techniques...decreases lined up at the seams, trim neckline, and (my own touch) a three-needle bind off at the shoulders, with the seam on the outside, mimicking the neck and armhole edging.

But alas, it was not to be.

My advice to anyone making the Shapely Tank? Go for the negative ease. Really negative. I'd go four inches smaller than your regular size. And decrease more at the shoulders--the straps were wide, more "corporate shell" than "sexy summer top." Or just go for Sizzle instead.

Live and learn.


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