Thursday, August 16, 2007

Far, far away...

Hi, folks!

Please excuse my absence. Both my mom AND my step-dad have been suffering from heart disease, with various operations and "procedures" happening during the past few weeks.

Thus my lack of writing.

At this moment, I am far away from home, in Sacramento, Calif., helping them out at home, going to doctor's appointments, and offering unoffical medical advice (I'm a medical writer) and very official emotional support. They seem to feel better having me here, which was the point of my trip, so that's good.

I have been knitting, and finished Walter's "Christmas" socks--the brown Koigu slip-stitch ribbed ones. He liked them very much, indeed. I've also finished my Online cotton socks, which I started in June, and cast on the second Waving Lace sock. Also, I bought some kind of incredibly soft, self-patterning cotton sock yarn (I'll post the name when I can remember it!) and started a pair of simple stockinette socks on the flight out here.

Speaking of flights...If you ever have the choice of flying on Alaska Airlines, I HIGHLY recommend it. What a wonderful experience. Every employee I encountered was friendly and helpful, the planes were clean, and they were ON TIME! No small achievement in this day and age.

Tuesday, when I flew from D.C., the weather was spectacular all the way, and I got some gorgeous photos from the plane. It's so nice to see REAL mountains again...the soaring, awe-inspiring kind. The mountains back east are ancient, so they're subtler and gentler. Sometimes I miss the West Coast scenery.

Today, though, I'm missing my beloved husband, who had to stay in D.C. due to work. I hated to leave him alone... He just got digital cable, though--so maybe access to lots of soccer (REAL football) and good (non-NASCAR) auto racing is helping take the edge off of being alone ;-)

Well, until I can post again, I wish you all cool weather (or warm, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere) and happy knitting!



bobbi said...

my best to your mom and step dad. I'll put them in my prayers.

kathryn said...

Hope your Mom and Step-Dad are both feeling better and I'm sure your being there has been a great comfort and support to them. I know over the past weeks my daughter has been a great source of strength to me and my health problems. I think the mother/daughter relationship can be such a strong one!

Anonymous said...

Hannah, My best to Bonnie & Walter. I didn't realize they moved to Sacramento. I have a very good friend living there & I was there in 2001.
Thank you for the wishes of warmer weather for us south-of-the-equator people! Luckily Queensland is fairly temperate this time of year and we FINALLY got some much needed rain in the last few days. Write when you get home and "G'day" to Chris!!
Love, Pam