Friday, March 28, 2008

One-Circ Sock Fun

A few years ago I got hooked on the Magic Loop method...Kind of sad, because I loved my DPNs and now I hardly ever use them. Still, stuffing a project in my purse when I'm halfway through a row is a lot easier with one circ than with DPNs.

Then I thought I might like knitting two socks on two circs. After all, it's just knitting around, right? But when I did it, I wasn't having fun. Too fiddly and cumbersome. Just not my thing...though I'm glad a gave it a try.

So imagine my surprise when I tried -- and liked -- knitting two socks on ONE circ last weekend! For some reason, it just makes sense to me. And even though I'm using two skeins at once, and doing twice the knitting, my socks are speeding right along!

I decided to knit these in memory of Momma Monkey (Gigi Silva) who, sadly, lost her battle with Lupus in late January. I'll be thinking of her family -- and her extended family -- as I knit, sending warm wishes their way.

Gigi founded Socktopia, and designed some really fabulous sock patterns, which she generously offered for free. This pattern is called Carolina, Last Queen of Naples, from (the site is no longer available). I'm using Plymouth Yarns' Happy Feet, which I picked up for a song.

It's always sad when we lose someone who contributes so much to the fiber arts community. I strongly feel that one of the best ways we can remember her, like all artists, is to continue to enjoy her work and to try to emulate her generosity of spirit.


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