Monday, May 25, 2020

Same day, different knit: Coping with quarantine*

“Barley Light” baby hat in progress
Some days are easier than others. But I’ve been doing a few things that seem to help, so I thought I’d share them with you. (If you’re still there — and, if you are: Thank you!)
  • Take a shower and get dressed every day. Just jeans and T-shirts. No fancy make-up. I don’t know why this makes me feel so much better less depressed about everything that’s happening in the world, but it does. So I do it.
  • Walking the dog. Exercise is good. Doing it with a friend is even better. But doing it with a big-hearted dog who finds joy in simple pleasures like rolling on the lawn? Perfect.
  • Meditation. Seriously. I got into it a few years ago, and it’s made all the difference. When I’m not in the mood to tackle it alone, when I want company, or when I want to learn or practice a new technique, I use the Ten Percent Happier app. Love it.
  • Rest/Water/Vitamins and No Sugar. Good food is important, but not always doable right now. I try, but often fall back on vegan protein bars and shakes. (Garden of Life’s chocolate plant-based protein drink is delicious.) I look for sugar-free, because sugars of all kinds really ruin my mood. To boost my energy and immune system, I take lots of vitamins, and drink tons of water. Sleeping always helps, too — if you can tolerate the crazy quarantine dreams.
  • Writing. For my #1462PoemsProject. For pay. For fun. For no reason at all. I always find solace in writing. When I lost two people close to me this January and February, writing about it helped me access the emotions I’m prone to covering up with chronic busyness. Take a look at Writing Down the Bones by Nathalie Goldberg for inspiration. 
  • Now and then, do something for someone else. Send some flowers. Cook them dinner. Write a note in a pretty card and mail it. Or turn your knitting skills to good charitable use. (In the photo is a baby-sized Barley Light hat — pattern by Tin Can Knits — which I intend to donate when COVID-19 is under control and donations are accepted again. Yarn is a deepest-of-the-deep-stash skein of Shalimar Zoe Sock.)

These are some of the things helping me get through the pandemic. I’m far from perfect, and often let one or two slip. But what I’m shooting for here is a healthy, balanced structure for those stretches of days that can feel a bit...amorphic. I’m hoping you might find something here that comforts or inspires you.

Now, tell me, because I truly do want to know: How are you doing? And what’s helping you and yours get through these challenging times?

* Maybe sheltering at home or social distancing would have been more accurate, but I like alliteration.

Re: Links. I’m not an affiliate — just a fan. 


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