Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stress? What stress?

Yesterday morning at 4:30 a.m., we woke up to the sound of Katja barfing...on our new white chair! (Don't even ask why we didn't put a cover on it before then). At 8 a.m. we woke again, to find Katja limping across the bed, her little paw held delicately in the air. So I took a look: Her dewclaw ("thumb nail") had GROWN INTO her paw pad...WAY in! OUCH!

So...back to the emergency vet clinic, after calling a friend to borrow her car and picking up my paycheck so I could pay for the visit. I sat in the clinic for three hours (more urgent emergencies had come in) before they could treat her. She was a real trooper. They removed the nail (OUCH again) and sent me home with antibiotics and a special solution to soak her paw in for 10 minutes twice a day.

Now, I'm great at giving pills to animals, and Katja's not at all afraid of water, but she's pretty pissed off about being held ("restrained") for 10 minutes with her little foot in a cup of smelly blue water. Needless to say, she's not the only one who gets soaked.

Meanwhile, Maggie's breathing problems seem to be limited to her purr-box. When she purrs, it sounds rattle-y and she starts mouth breathing. So now SHE needs to go back to the vet to have her throat examined (with sedation). Honest to God...they're not only going to break my heart, they're going to break the BANK!


Now I'm so exhausted I'm physically ill--losing my voice, weakness, sweating, headache, etc.--and I'm trying to get things together for our vacation. Picking up prescriptions, etc.

Speaking of prescriptions, did I tell you that CVS gave me the wrong pills in one of my prescription bottles? Like my usual med, they were white pills, but I could tell the difference right off. Mine aren't supposed to be scored, and these were also a bit smaller than they should have been.

Of course, the CVS pharmacist decided to argue with me and had NO idea what the other pills were--even though I'd done research and told him the exact name and dosage of the wrong pills!!! It took me 45 minutes to get them to hand over my correct prescription. Horrible experience.

Buyer beware. NEVER assume your pharmacist always gives you the right stuff. Check your pills carefully. It could save your life.



Jennifer said...

Years ago, I worked in the local ER. There was a woman who wasn't as lucky (and aware) as you were. Now I'm a maniac about checking the prescriptions I pick up.

Katja seems to be making sure you don't stop doting on her. I hope she's heals quickly.

amanda j said...

Goodness me! What a run of bad luck you have been having. Prescription mix ups are scary! Human errors must cause so much damage. I'm glad you were so switched on.