Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little Treasures...

This past Christmas, I received a little package from my mother, with some holiday goodies enclosed for each of us. Imagine my delight when I found these gem-like beads nestled in one of the boxes. Each one is different, some opaque, others translucent, but they all share a magical quality infused by the Sacramento-based glass artist who sells them.

Mom also enclosed a breathtaking Christmas tree ornament -- a glass sphere with swirls of purple and gold on the surface, and a teeny-tiny origami crane suspended inside. Amazing.

When I lock Charley away long enough to get a good photo, I'll be sure to post it. (Sadly, because of the little beast, we had no tree to hang it on this year...but we'll come up with a plan for cat-proof trimmings by next year!)

Just for fun, here's an FO I haven't showed you...

It's the Formula One Tyre Scarf (Ravelry link) I made for my father in law, as kind of a birthday/Christmas combination gift. It's pretty much "to spec," to the extent that a scarf can resemble a Bridgestone racing tyre. Knitted up in the fabulously plump, velvety Shepherd's Wool, it feels like cashmere around your neck.

Just one thing: Before you F1 fans send any e-mails, let me clarify that I know F1 won't be using grooved tyres this year. But I think the scarf looks better with the grooves (they show up as ribs on this side). The little red stripe is for the father in law's favorite team (I'll let you guess which one...)

For my mother in law, I made the Amanda Hat (Ravelry link), in plummy Manos del Uruguay, to complement her lovely coffee-colored eyes.)

We sent the package containing this scarf--and the hat I knitted for my mother in law--last week, and both gifts were apparently a big hit.

Doesn't it feel nice to know your knitted gifts have gone to a good home, where they're appreciated? I think so.

On a totally unrelated note: A few weeks ago...or longer, actually...when I was making Nadia's gloves, I began playing around with the Noro Silver Thaw yarn I bought at Fiber Arts Studio in Cape May two years ago.

The yarn was always slated for a pair of fingerless gloves. But when I began knitting with it I was surprised at how it seemed to melt effortlessly into various cozy designs.

So when Nadia's gloves were done I kept swatching, and came up with a domino-ish creation that really highlights the yarn's rich colors and lofty, fuzzy texture. The Multidirectional Mitts--light, soft, and warm--will be finished and the pattern posted soon. Really!

(OMG, I have so many "finished" patterns to write up--and I'm knitting as fast as I can...Help!)


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