Friday, April 26, 2013

Angels (Day 26, #NaPoWriMo 2013)

By Hannah Six

Vain rocks and mountains,
fall on and hide these words!
Oh, depart, ye cursed everlasting!

All suffered insufficient lack
and rampant consumption,
removed, though,
after the rather haphazard
and imaginative world
began to write fantasies --

miniature adulthood kingdoms of
avid readers
literary ladies
and pilgrims.

The poetry used children’s
creative endeavors
a year after their deaths, when
toy soldiers
a favorite.

Note: Today's poem is an erasure, from Jane Eyre (pg. xvii of the cheapo Barnes & Noble mass-market sized paperback). Click here to learn more about erasures.

Finally, if you enjoyed THIS erasure, you might also enjoy Not Normal (an erasure from the 2013 Mini brochure handed out at the Philadelphia Auto Show) and Biochemical Engineering (another erasure, this time from an amalgam of information about biochemical engineering from Wiki and Duke University).


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