Friday, April 26, 2013

Beloved Enemy (Day 25, #NaPoWriMo 2013)

Beloved Enemy
By Hannah Six

Your golden hair and glacial eyes
Caught me, at twenty, by surprise.
(Or was I twenty-one or -two?
No Matter.) When I looked at you,
My heart bled fire into my veins.
Though little of me now remains
that, then, was yours--in what amounted
To only hours and days (I counted)--
Still it feels like years to me
My dear, beloved enemy.

My innocence wasn’t sacrificed,
So much as it was sliced and diced
Up on the altar of your dreams--
Fair tribute to your plans and schemes.
The god to which you bowed your head
Reigned over what you left unsaid.
No fatted calf, for you, would do,
But only paper, wood, and glue.
You could be but a friend to me,
My old beloved enemy.

You weren’t first, nor were you last--
The prize you won was for how fast.
Yet, sweetest, throughout all the years
(This is my secret and my fear)
Will ever be that glowing time,
When, in September, you were mine.
If lovers are as lovers do,
I’ll always be half in love with you--
The other half I’ll keep for me,
Dear old beloved enemy.


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