Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"You are not (Hugo Chavez)" [No. 10, NaPoWriMo 2013]

You Are Not (Hugo Chavez)
By Hannah Six

You are.
You are new.
You are cold.
You are poor.
You are weak.
You are ineffective.

You are.
You are abandoned,
       hungry, uncertain.
You are used.
You are helpless.
You are ill.
You are a/lone.

You are.
You are embattled.
You are trapped.
You are (still) ill.
You are destitute. Depleted.
You are broken
      - hearted.
            - open.

You are (yes)
You are old.
You are relieved.
You are    not.

No wonder we imagined
For ourselves
             a heaven
                one must suffer
                   to enter.



shabby girl said...

When do you say, "I'll do it myself!"
Maybe I totally misunderstood, but here's a saying I have remembered my whole life.
"Shame on my parents for making me the way I am. But shame on me for staying that way."
Just sayin'.
What am I missing?

KnitSix said...

Thanks for your comment! This poem isn't autobiographical, though it holds much meaning for me. It was a response to a NaPoWriMo prompt, global affairs, and a REALLY bad (recent) day. (BTW: In general, I agree with that saying.)