Thursday, April 12, 2007

Indulgence, Part 2

OK. Breathe. Crises averted. Illnesses passing. Ailing resting comfortably.

World peace? Well, all I can do toward that particular problem today is meditate and send what my grandma used to call "positive vives." And, of course, vote based on my personal beliefs. Which, because of my low threshold for righteous indignation, are probably far from mysterious. Let's just say that when I travel, I'll be the one in the "I'm From Ottawa" and "Nova Scotia Rocks" t-shirts.

Sorry. Back to knitting.

A couple of weeks ago, mired in wintery drizzle and grayness, I started longing for COLOR. Remember? I was looking at Claudia Hand Paint sock yarns in delicious colors, like Chocolate Cherry and Pink Dot. Names that actually make my mouth water...Mmmmm. the end of the first week in April, I achieved a personal goal, and immediately knew how to reward myself:
Yarns ordered online, from Ewe Need Yarn. They were great :-)

On the left, ladies and gentlemen, we have Chocolate Cherry, a luscious blend of dark, rich mocha and deep chocolate brown, delightfully blended with, well, cherry red...
(Hey, wait a minute...What's that dust-bunny doing behind my chair?)

And on the right, we have Pink Dot: An ambrosia of berries, grapes, and minty greens. So lovely... And "lite" to boot!
(Eek! That's no dust-bunny--It's Katja! CREATOR of dust-bunnies.)

Sorry for the silliness and political commentary. It's been a long day, and a longer week.

See you soon, with some eye-candy. And as soon as it arrives, I'll follow up with Indulgence, Part 3!


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amanda j said...

I can't wait to see it! Gorgeous yarn and cute kitty cat!!